Prakhar Verma

I am a Master's student at Aalto University, Finland, majoring in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Mathematics. I am also a member of Prof. Dr. Arno Solin's research group exploring Gaussian Processes, Stochastic Differential Equation, spatio-temporal modelling, and variational inference.

Prior to my master's, I was working in the R&D team of TomTom responsible to devise, develop, and bring into production innovative new technologies. Majorly, my work revolved around machine learning, image processing, and automation with a focus on revolutionizing map data.

I did my bachelors at the Dehradun Institute of Technology, India.

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My research interests are, but not limited to, probabilistic deep learning, Bayesian learning, Gaussian processes, Spatio-temporal modeling, and their application in various fields.

Spectral Graph Analysis

The project aims to perform graph partitioning with the use of Spectral Clustering on social network graphs. The goal is to minimize the number of cuts while maintaining cluster size balance.

Bayesian Statistics Global Warming

Today, one of the biggest threat to the society is global warming. Sea level rise is the immediate result of global warming as it melts the ice sheets and expands the water volume. Goal of the project is to examine how much the sea level rise affects the coastal cities in Finland.

Speaker Adaptation

Speaker adaptation uses various techniques to adapt a speech recognition system to user-specific acoustic features. The recognition performance of such systems has not reached that of speaker-dependent ones, though recent development in the processes has proven to improve the recognition results. In this project, various speaker adaptation techniques based on various training methods and their respective results measured by performance levels (word error rate percentage) are presented.

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Teaching Assistant, CS-E4890: Deep Learning, Spring 2021
Teaching Assistant, CS-E4890: Deep Learning, Spring 2020
Aalto University
Major: Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence
Minor: Mathematics
Degree: Master of Science
Dehradun Institute of Technology
Specialization: Information Technology
Degree: Bachelor of Technology

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