Prakhar Verma

I am a machine learning researcher currently focusing on efficient learning and approximate inference methods for dynamic systems and stochastic differential equation (SDE) models with Arno Solin's research group at Aalto University, Finland. Alongside, I work with SpectacularAI as a consultant for an electronics firm developing methods to integrate uncertainty in their deep learning models, making them robust.

I graduated from Aalto University, Finland, with a Master's in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as major and Mathematics as minor (2019-2021).

Prior to my master's, I was working in the R&D team of TomTom, responsible for devising, developing, and bringing into production innovative new technologies. Majorly, my work revolved around machine learning, image processing, and automation, with a focus on revolutionizing map data.

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  • [October 2021] Prakhar Verma, Vincent Adam, Arno Solin. Sparse Gaussian Processes for Stochastic Differential Equations accepted in NeurIPS workshop "The Symbiosis of Deep Learning and Differential Equations" 2021. Link   Poster
  • [October 2021] Arno Solin, Ella Tamir, Prakhar Verma. Scalable Inference in SDEs by Direct Matching of the Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov Equation accepted in NeurIPS 2021. Link  Poster
  • [September 2021] Started working as a consultant with SpectacularAI researching uncertainty quantification.
  • [July 2021] Successfully submitted the M.Sc. thesis titled "Sparse Gaussian processes for stochastic differential equations."
  • [February 2021] Started M.Sc. thesis under Dr Vincent Adam and Prof. Arno Solin.
  • [April 2020] Joined Aalto ML group as a Research Assistant
  • [February 2020] M.A.G.E.C : machine assisted geometry extraction and creation published in SPIE Digital Library.
  • [January 2020] Teaching Assistant for CS-E4890: Deep Learning


Prakhar Verma (2021). Sparse Gaussian processes for stochastic differential equations. Master’s thesis. Aalto University. PDF

Prakhar Verma (2016). Development of automated GIS Tools on various platforms. Bachelor's thesis. Uttarakhand Technical University, TomTom India. PDF